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Prepare to fight on pay and funding

Right at the end of the summer term Damian Hinds published the government’s proposals for the annual teacher pay award. Download newsletter here

The award should anger teachers who have every right to expect more from the government. With all the evidence staring him the face, Damian Hinds has failed to take the opportunity to show the government has listened.

Following reports in previous years, highlighting growing problems with teacher recruitment and retention, the School Teacher Review Body (STRB) recommended an increase of 3.5% on all pay points and allowances.

However, the response from Damian Hinds, was to ignore this and propose the following:
3.5% on the main pay scale (M1-M6)
2% on the Upper Pay Scale (U1-U3)
1.5% on the Leadership Scale
2% on TLRs and other allowances
This means that the majority of teachers (60%) will receive another below inflation pay rise.
In addition to the award, the government has said that schools will have to find 1% of the money needed from school budgets, which are already at breaking point.
The award is divisive and unfair and does not address the long-term problems of recruitment and retention – in fact it merely exacerbates them.

The STRB was established in 1992 and reports annually with a recommendation on pay. This is the first time that the Secretary of State has refused to support the recommendations.

Why teachers need a “significant pay rise”
The case for a significant pay increase is overwhelming; the figures below show the annual pay increase for teachers since 2011
2012 0%
2013 1%
2014 1%
2015 1%
2016 1%
2017 1.5% (2% on Main Scale – 1% on UPS and Leadership Spine

Teachers’ pay in real terms…

15% fall in real terms since 2010
4% increase in your pension contributions
15% increase in rents since 2010
Inflation is currently 2.5%
37% increase in teachers leaving the job
Teacher vacancy rate up 165% since 2010
20,000 shortfall in teacher recruitment in 2016
Your pay is now 25% behind other graduate jobs

What you can do…

school motion

Come and discuss the campaign at our next meeting, Monday 24th Spetember, 4:45 – 6:15, Karibu Centre, Gresham Rd, SW9 7PH

Important information on your pay…


In October you should have received the pay rise which is based on inflation. Please check – Lambeth has agreed with the union position that ALL teachers on mainscale should receive 2% however some schools are interpreting government guidance to say that ONLY top and bottom receive 2% i.e. just M1 and M6. Please get in touch if this is the case. All other teachers should have 1%.

Performance related pay progression and Threshold

Once you have had appraisal, you should be told whether it was ‘successful’. If so then you should be progressed onto next point on the scale. If you weren’t told mid-way through the year that you might NOT progress, then should be put onto next point of the scale including on UPS (upper pay scale). The only time you have to apply is the go onto UPS1. Deadline is 31st OCTOBER. IMPORTANT – You have 10 days to appeal a decision, if you are told you are not going up the scale, please appeal and get in touch.

Help us to win on school funding…

The government’s plans to plug the funding gap in school budgets just does not add up.

There is nowhere near enough money to ensure that our schools are properly funded.

In July, secretary of state for education, Justine Greening, fudged the numbers. She claimed there would be an additional £1.3 billion for schools over the next two years but she raided this money from other parts of the education budget and even worse, this would be nowhere near enough to reverse the £2.8 billion in cuts that schools have already seen.

We want to step up the pressure on the government to fund our school well. That’s why we are holding a mass lobby of parliament against school cuts on the 24th October (during half term). On this date, teachers and parents from all over the country will be meeting their MP at the same time, to push school funding right up the political agenda.
Please join us and send our government the message that we will not accept cuts school funding. Go to to register for the lobby.